Used Pool Tables

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Want to get a Pool Table but don’t want to pay for a new table?

Our Used Tables are the answer!

At Tahoe Pool Tables, we typically have several used tables in stock for immediate delivery.

If you own a vacation rental in Tahoe, one of the best investments you can make is to install some game room games for your guests to enjoy.

A pool table can increase both your nightly fee as well as your nights booked at your vacation rental.  Tahoe Pool Tables used pool tables are in great condition, and will be installed with new felt in your home.

The pool table that you purchase for your Tahoe home will probably have some dings on the cabinet, but they play just like a new table would.  If its going into your tahoe vacation home as a rental, a new pool table will get these small imperfections from the tenants anyhow!

Save some money and get a used pool table!