Taking care of your Lake Tahoe Vacation Rental Pool Table

Adding a Pool Table to your Lake Tahoe vacation home can add both nights booked and per night rental rates.  People heading up to Lake Tahoe are coming to have a good time, whether they are on a family vacation or a group ski outing, they are looking for ways to spend time together.  If you do not have a pool table or game room in your Lake Tahoe vacation home, you are missing out on potential rental nights, which means lost revenue.  If a group is looking at the many homes for rent in South Lake Tahoe, North Lake Tahoe, or Truckee, they are going to be comparing the amenities that are included at the home.  Do you want to miss out on profitable rentals because you don’t have a pool table, and someone with an equally desirable home does?  Especially if there is a room in the house that would be perfect for a pool table as so many Lake Tahoe homes have?

Many people will hesitate to get a pool table because of the price.  At TahoePoolTables.com we can help alleviate that issue.  Instead of spending $5,000 or more on a brand new pool table, you can get one of our demo or used pool tables for far less, starting at only 950.00 plus delivery costs!

Just like the rest of your Tahoe home, your pool table needs to be taken care of.  Make sure your housekeeping staff is vacuuming the pool table felt with a dusting attachment (making sure to open the vent on the side so there is not too much suction) whenever they clean the house to keep the felt and wood looking and performing at its best.  Pool tables should be covered when not in use, and the cues stored in a rack, either on the floor or hanging on a wall.  Tenants should be notified of the general rules of taking care of a pool table, head to Tahoe Pool Table Rules on our site for a free downloadable sign explaining these important rules.  Post it by your table for your tenants to peruse at their leisure during play.  Make sure your management company checks the table between each renter for damage.