Pool Table Repair Lake Tahoe

At Tahoe Pool Tables we can repair just about any pool table, Felt ripped? Rail rubber not rebounding anymore?  Pockets falling apart?  We can fix your pool table!

Some felt marks can be remedied without replacing the felt.  We can eliminate many of the marks made by pool cue tips on the felt.  If you are constantly getting lighter marks on the table, they are probably coming from a set of balls that are made of polyester instead of phenolic resin.  The lower end balls that come with many pool tables can chip over time, and can damage your felt in normal play, leaving streaks on the table that can be removed.

If your felt cannot be repaired, we can refelt your pool table.  If it has many “burn marks” from polyesteballs, we will offer you a set of phenolic resin balls at 50% off with a refelt!